Interaction Design Process

a study of the Interaction Design Process applied by Shaën Reinhart, Vinzenz Leutenegger and me, Michael Schönenberger. We are students in our second semester at the Interaction Design program of the ZHdK. The Interaction Design Process module was taught by Dr. Joëlle Bitton and Nicole Foelsterl.

IAD Process Week 1 – Into the wild!

IAD Process Week 2 – Idea Transfers

IAD Process Week 3 – Play

IAD Process Week 4 – Stories and Users

IAD Process Week 5 – Production 1

IAD Process Week 6 – Production 2

IAD Process – Additional Documentation

Abstract of our process:

We started off looking for a topic to work on in the following 6 weeks. Since we were all interested in non-verbal communication, we went to the skatepark. We observed misunderstandings and how skaters handle these situations. After a while, we decided to build some kind of feedback mechanism, which would encourage people to talk more and be honest. In the end, we built a bracelet, which detects how comfortable or uncomfortable a person is feeling. The idea would then be, that you and your partner both possess one of these bracelets. With the visual input of the light, you could then see how stressed your partner is. The idea of the bracelet is not to replace communication but to encourage communication.