22.05.2017 – Teaching skills


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Today’s lesson was all about teaching. Joëlle first talked about how and why to convey knowledge. The following things should be considered while teaching:

  • respectful teaching
  • pushing your students
  • inspire
  • have an open communication

The more expertized you are, the harder it gets to teach your skill. If you are really expertized in a topic, you may be recessed too much, and don’t teach the basics

Each one of us had to prepare a certain skill, which he could teach to about 4 people in 5 minutes. In the upper image, we see Toby (the guy in the gray shirt), teaching his group the newest freestyle dance moves.
We built teams, I was with Andrin and Ismael. Andrin showed us how to roll a cigarette and Ismael how to correctly throw an American football.

The method I chose is learning by doing. I folded an origami bird and gave instructions at the same time. For the skill I chose to teach, I realized how important visual guiding is. Describing folding steps only with words is almost impossible.