IAD Process Week 6 – Production 2


On Monday morning we tried to create a code for the feather, which we would use in the video to display the emotions matching the dialog in the audio channel.

We realized that it would become a lot easier to film if we created the colors on the video in the post production (after effects). That way we would not have to find a place to hide the cables and the electronics. And we would also be able to change the lights after we recorded the videos.

We then started to set up our film set. We went to the studio and placed our couch and the softboxes, to get a nice and simple visual style. Installing the lights turned out to be more complicated than we thought, but was worth the extra work, after we edited the photos.


Back from the reading week we first we presented our developments to Joëlle and Nicole. Our initial plan was to have one shot, and digitally add a variety by choosing different frames throughout the video. Joelle and Nicole both animated us to try to make more moving pictures. They suggested that we would do some sort of stop-motion. That way we would create a more interesting image.

We decided to pursue that advice and optimized the storyboard by adding motions to the bracelet. Sadly the only empty spot in the foto studio was this Tuesday after 6 pm. A little night shift was expedient.



Wednesday morning we had another mentoring with Joëlle. We showed our images and our ideas for the subtitles. Since the audio files were in swiss-german, we were obliged to include subtitles. By adding subtitles we could include other visual objects on the screen, the question was, if we would destroy this simple style, and distract too much from the colors of the bracelets. We decided that we had to try both!

Arranging the images to a stop-motion was harder than we thought. Mapping the images to the voices was extremely time-consuming. But created a better outcome than inserting images with the exact same length. Another night shift!


The last day of the module wasn’t easy, as expected. We spent a lot of time key-framing the lights of the bracelets. Each frame had to be adjusted individually. While Michael focused on this animated effect, Vinzenz and Shaën started with the documentation and the presentation.

When we finally finished the light effect of the bracelets, we started to work on the sound for the video. To stick to the simple and abstract design of the video, we only inserted minimalistic sound effects, which were only noticeable for people who have seen the movie multiple times.


The last day of our module! Presentations first, beers second!

Password: Emotion

Key lessons of the week and our module in general

Take your time to find the project subject!

Don’t think of a title in the last minutes. Take your time to find a suitable title for your project.

Always remember to turn off the room lamps in a photo studio! This sounds very basic, but being so fixed on softboxes, light intensity and white balance make it hard to remember the basic stuff!