IAD Process Week 4 – Stories and Users


To start the week, each group presented a short play of a scenario demonstrating the idea of our project. Vinzenz and Michael acted as if they were roommates, who had few misunderstandings. We created a scenario where one roommate was a lazy who never did the dishes but party a lot. By not talking honestly we demonstrated how it should not work in a healthy relationship between two friends. Then we included the bracelet and played a similar scenario where one of us was scared of a horror movie but too afraid to say so. The bracelet forced them to show their real feelings and helped to encourage a conversation.


We started to look for a suitable material to build our prototype. We thought of a flexible plastic, which we could use in the 3D printer. That way, our prototype would be unisex, and not to fashion related. After checking the Material Library and the Industrial Lab, we found a material called Ninjaflex. It is a transparent, yet flexible filament! Full of enthusiasm we then created a basic prototype to print. After multiple tries, with and without the help of workshop employees, we had to dissociate the Ninjaflex, and print our prototype with a regular transparent PLA.

After the Mentoring with Joëlle, we decided to body storm couples with the bracelet and do a reflective interview subsequently, to validate our ideas, get new inputs and what the advantages and disadvantages could be for them.


We reached out to friends of us and asked for their help with our project. We knew finding people would be hard. But to be honest, it turned out to be even harder than expected. Most of them were not too happy once we told them we would record them, to be able to evaluate the interview.

The questions for the interview had to be chosen in advance. We sat together and discussed, which insecurities we would need to clarify. The usage and the improvement of our bracelet interested us most. So we decided to let them play a short scenario, where they had to lead a short dispute and react to the influence of the bracelet during the dispute.


Friday morning started with a short presentation about our achievements in week 4.


In the weekend Vinzenz visited two couples and did the brainstorming and the following interview. Both of them first were a bit nervous but after a few minutes, they found their role. The interview validated a few of our ideas but also generated new inputs. Surprisingly, they didn’t really decline the concept, they actually liked it.

Key lessons of the week

We really realized how hard it was to define interview questions but also how crucial it is for the results of the interview. The question alone can manipulate the answers and that’s what we want to prevent. But not only that even the order of questions can change the outcome. We could list even more but to conclude it: Interviewing Questions are a very sensible thing.

One more lesson: the body storming really helped a lot! It wasn’t only helping us by better results and impressions of the usage but also the couples so they can imagine and reflect with more confidence.