IAD Process Week 1 – Into the wild!


How can we change the world?
We started our module and worked with multiple methods to find ideas. The topic was „How can we change the world?“. After we all thought about different topics each one of us wrote down one sentence. Based on these sentences we built teams. Shaën, Vinzenz and I had all written about Human Interactions and communication. We were very interested in common miscommunications, which is why we decided to ask a youth work agency and the Kantonspolizei Zürich if we could interview them on the next day. Sadly they were not as cooperative and spontaneous as we hoped.


The next morning we sat together and tried to think of a new place to get inspired and interview people. 

We agreed to go to the skatepark to observe the communication between people of various ages. We managed to get three people in front of our camera: A young man riding his dirt bike, a teenager with a scooter and three children between 4 and 10 and their mother. In the afternoon we presented our thoughts and worked more on our observations.


We brainstormed in the skatepark and tried to film nonverbal communication. Due to the lack of people, we decided to go again after school. The second time we went there, we placed our camera and filmed certain spots for a while. Michael volunteered to skate as well and observe how people behave. Afterward, we confronted the people we have seen communicate through nonverbal language. We noticed that there are some unwritten rules in the skate park but also most people rely on body language.


There’s a clash between the skaters and the parents of kids with scooters. Often times they did not really talk to each other which led to many misunderstandings and arguments. To get an overview of the situation we created personas and a model of the relationships in the skatepark.

After our presentation with Joëlle and Nicole, we decided to go in the direction of similar issues in other situations around the world. Where are intuitive rules applied and do not require written rules?

Key lessons of the week

Creating ideas is a crucial process especially if the subject of the work is not given. Next time for sure we would focus more on this part, to be open and to really understand the people and their problems.