20.02.2017 – Gardener without a garden

In our first theory class of design methodology, we mainly discussed administrative topics. Besides regular information such as punctuality, grading or reading material, we introduced ourselves. Even though we’ve all heard each others introduction multiple times, we still learned new things about each other. For example Daniel, who claims to be a passionate gardener (without having a garden though).

The exercise we received today, was based on our last module, Digital Fabrication. We worked in groups of four on a certain process of different materials. As an example, our group focused on the behaviour of foam structures: When do bubbles burst, where are bubbles formed, which materials are most suitable to harden foam etc. We then had to visualize one of these processes using a form of digital fabrication, such as 3D printing or laser cutting.

Today we rearranged these groups and discussed the process of this project, which is displayed in the following image using Post-It’s.
We came to the conclusion that especially in our group, the procedure was more of a circular form, instead of a linear development. We tried multiple prototypes, using different materials. Most of the materials we experimented with, weren’t really suitable to build foam. Which is why we spent most of our time searching and mixing different substances. In essence we were not the designers, it was really the material itself, that formed our prototype.